Wellhead Protection Program

Source Water / Ground Water Protection

When Spencer Municipal Utilities was started in 1942 the water utilities was one of the utility services placed under our Board of Trustees and the system has grown since then to what it is today. We strive to maintain quality water for the community of Spencer and will continue to do so in the coming years.

You can have confidence in our quality, and each year we publish a report showing you it meets standards. We also do our best to encourage customer to conserve water to help maintain the availability for future generations.One of the ways we help customers conserve is by using low flow showerheads and faucets throughout your home as well as looking for Energy Star appliances when shopping as they also often use less water as well.

In 2011, we celebrated 125 years of water service to the community and we are preparing to continue to meet the needs of the community with the multi-year upgrade to the water treatment facility that was completed in 2017. For more information about water at an national level, visit www.drinktap.org. If you are looking for more information regarding water service here in the community of Spencer, feel free to contact us!

Water And Contamination

Water is one of the most unique substances on Earth. It is the only compound on our planet that can exist as a solid, a liquid, and a gas simultaneously. Water is one of the few things we truly cannot live without.

Water is also unique because everything dissolves in water to some degree. That characteristic means that it is relatively easy for minerals, chemicals, and other substances to become mixed with water. Many of those substances are not harmful. Some, like fluoride, are actually good for us. Others, like chemical substances used in manufacturing, can cause long-term health effects. And organic substances such as bacteria can make us very sick very quickly.

Fortunately, the water supply received by Spencer homes and businesses is very clean. In fact, of the 80 contaminants SMU monitors according to EPA guidelines, only a few are at levels that can be detected in laboratory tests.

While our water supply is clean now, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t become contaminated. If a hazardous chemical were to enter our underground aquifer near the airport, SMU could be forced to close it’s wells and find other sources of water. Those expenses would be borne by each and every one of us as customers and owners of SMU. By implementing a Wellhead Protection program, we can limit the risks of contamination, and help assure the clean water we drink now will also be there for our children and grandchildren.

City Ordinance

A copy of the city ordinance regarding the Wellhead Protection Plan, visit their website by clicking here.