Water FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

No Water or Low Water Pressure

If there is no water, or low pressure, it is likely an internal plumbing issue, however here are a few things to think about that might help solve the issue.

  • Is it a problem with both the cold and hot water?
  • Is the aerator clogged on the faucet?
  • Is the water that’s not working have a valve shut off or frozen if it is winter?

If these questions don’t help figure out why the pressure is not what it should be, consider the following:

  • Are your neighbors experiencing the same problem?
  • Do you see or feel soft wet spots in the yard or pavement area?
  • Do you see water outside running heavier than normal or where it normally isn’t?

If you notice any of these could be causing the change in pressure, please contact SMU at 712-580-5800.

Dirty or Cloudy Water

If you are experiencing dirty/cloudy water, some things to consider are:

  • Has there been any internal plumbing done lately?
  • If so, does the discoloration occur at all locations in the house?

If not, it is likely an internal plumbing issue. If not, please contact SMU after determining if there is any construction or hydrant use near the service address, or if this has is something that has been experienced before.

Water Taste

If you have noticed a change in taste in your water, here are some things to consider.

  • Is it a chemical/metallic taste? If so, do you notice it all the time or just certain times?
  • Have you had any medicine changes (as certain medications may have this affect on taste)?

If you would like SMU to test the water, please give us a call at 580-5800. Some other things to consider are:

  • What does the water smell like?
  • Do you smell it at all locations in hot and cold temperatures?

If it only appears with hot water, the water heater could be drained, then put some bleach in it to kill the bacteria causing odors. Another thing to try is to see if the water still smells when you fill a glass and move away from the faucet. If so, we recommend you contact us at 580-5800. If not, it could be an issue with the sewer or trap.

Water Hardness

Some customers wonder how Spencer’s water rates for hardness. Here in Spencer the normal range is:
80-100 mg/L CaCO3 or 4.6 to 5.8 grains

For additional questions on SMU Water, please contact us.