SD Box
A standard definition set-top box will allow you to get digital programming. This can be used with an analog or digital TV.


HD Box
A high definition (HD) set-top box allows you to get digital or high definition (HD) programming. You must use it with an HDTV to see programs in high definition.


What is HD TV?
It is the next revolution in home entertainment. Just like Americans traded in their black-and-white TV’s for color sets in the 1960’s, millions of American households have made the switch to HD. Why?

HD Looks Sharper: Remember the first time you watched a movie on DVD…how much better it looked than your old VCR? Upgrading to HD is like that…only better! A HD picture is several times sharper than a regular TV picture, and at least twice as sharp as a DVD. The stunning detail of HD creates an almost 3-D sensation. You’ll be stunned by the beauty of your favorite programs in HD! It can’t really be described…it must be experienced.

HD Looks Bigger: A HD picture uses a widescreen format similar to that of a movie screen. This more panoramic view gives you more image to enjoy and helps you immerse yourself in the program you are watching. Also, most HD TV’s are larger than the TV you’re used to, with screen sizes of 42 inches and beyond! With HD, your whole TV-watching experience will change for the better!

HD Sounds Better: As if a crystal-clear picture weren’t enough, HD also brings you a better audio experience. While regular TV at most brings you two channels of stereo sound, HD presents digital 5.1-channel surround sound. When hooked up to your home theater system, HD will bring the action to life in your living room.


A DVR, or high definition digital video recorder, allows you to not only enjoy the benefits of HD programming, but you’ll have VCR-like features.

What is a DVR (Digital Video Recorder)?
A DVR is a special cable TV receiver that allows you to record your favorite programs, as well as pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV…all with the ease and convenience of your remote control. Quite simply, it will change the way you watch TV!

Record Your Favorite Programs: With DVR, it doesn’t matter what time the show is on live, you can record it with the DVR and watch it when you want! With the enhanced TV Guide InteractiveTM on-screen guide, it’s easy to schedule your recordings and play them back at your convenience. Record an entire weeks worth of your favorite daytime dramas and watch them all on Saturday! Create your own movie marathon! Record the big football game and watch it over and over! YOU’RE IN CONTROL!

Pause, Rewind, and Fast-Forward Live TV: It’s inevitable…you’ll just be sitting down to watch your favorite program, and the phone rings. With DVR, just press “II” on your remote control and you will PAUSE the live TV. When you’re done on the phone, press “>” or PLAY and pick right up where you left off! Then at the next commercial break, you can FAST FORWARD (>>) through the ads to get back to the show in just seconds. DVR also allows you to REWIND (<<) if you miss something. It’s like having your own personal instant replay!

Record While Watching Another: With DVR, you can simply record one of the programs while watching the other live, then watch the recorded program later! With DVR, you can also record two programs at once!