Beginning at 12:01 am on November 28th, SMU will be moving our email delivery to the new system. While the actual email address(es) will not change, customers can look forward to an email platform with added benefits like a calendar with the ability to sync, increased storage and a much more user-friendly system with Email Plus.

Customers with an email address received a letter in the mail as well as several emails (all with the security image so customers know they are not spam) including information on the process.

If customers haven’t started the process, they can still do so by reviewing the emails received. The emails included some helpful links for the process including detailed instructions on how to set up various email applications.

Here is the web address for the details on setting up the mail client on various devices:, and here is the link to the FAQ with some great information on the new system.

If customers have tried to set up the new system and aren’t successfully sending and receiving emails on Tuesday, November 28th, our extended customer service center support can be reached by phone at 580.5800 or at our customer service center at 520 2nd Avenue East, Suite 1 in Spencer. Customers won’t lose any emails during this time, and once set up on the new system, the emails will be there.

Customers who have successfully set up the system will receive a welcome email on Tuesday.

Again, if customers have questions, we have some extra staff available to assist by phone and in the lobby this week.