The latest edition of Spencer Municipal Utilities’ annual Consumer Confidence Report on water quality has been prepared and is being distributed.

The report provides details of drinking water testing conducted during the calendar year 2009. SMU regularly test over 80 drinking water contaminants, and the 2009 data again shows now violations of EPA rules for water quality.

“Our wells are based in an aquifer that is a fairly clean source, we don’t have to do much treatment on the water as some other communities that rely on other sources,” says Amanda Gloyd, SMU Sales & Marketing Coordinator. In addition to showing the result of water testing from last year, the Consumer Confidence Report also gives customers details on SMU’s water source, treatment methods, and other important health information.

During the month of June, SMU will be including a copy of the 2010 report in regular utility bill mailings. Copies of the report are also available at the SMU Customer Service Center at 712 Grand Avenue, and on the SMU Web site at

Spencer Municipal Utilities is a leading provider of cable, Internet, telephone and cellular service through i wireless in the Spencer community and has been providing water and electric services since 1886.

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