With the recent weather effects on electricity this week in the state of Iowa, Spencer Municipal Utilities (SMU) was able to send staff and equipment to the community of Atlantic to help restore power to another community.

SMU is a member of the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities including the Association’s Mutual Aid Program. As part of the program, SMU’s Electric and Communications departments can receive help from other communities if needed, and is available and ready to send crews out to help other communities.

In years past SMU has been asked to help out other communities with weather related problems like ice storms, snow storms, floods and tornados; as well as the large ice storm that hit between St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee last year. “We’re proud to have four of our employees with equipment from Spencer able to go down and help out in Atlantic this week,” says Amanda Paulsen, sales and marketing coordinator at SMU.

SMU was able to help out since Spencer wasn’t affected by the recent weather like other parts of the state. “After seeing the need in the Atlantic area was great, we sent additional staff and equipment to help out.”

If a need were to arise in Spencer while SMU crews are helping other communities, Spencer will receive help from surrounding communities if needed. “Thanks to the mutual aid program, we can all work together throughout the state of Iowa when a community is in need,” says Paulsen.

Spencer Municipal Utilities is a leading provider of cable, Internet, telephone and cellular service through i wireless in the Spencer community and has been providing utility services since 1901.

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