QAM Tuner

Free Digital Programming!

With SMU Cable TV and a QAM Tuner TV, You Can Enjoy Limited Digital Programming At No Charge

Are you interested in receiving Digital Programming WITHOUT the need for a cable box? SMU Cable makes that possible IF you have the correct type of television!

Most new DIGITAL TV’s have an integrated QAM tuner. A QAM tuner allows the TV to tune into the special cable channels that SMU uses to send out unscrambled signals from local TV stations.

A QAM tuner will only tune to channels that are unscrambled, like the TV stations. Other scrambled (or encrypted) digital cable channels require a subscription to SMU Digital or HD Cable and a box.

If you can’t find the QAM channels you normally watch, you may need to rescan the channels on your television in order to get all of the QAM channels available.

What You Can Watch With A QAM Tuner?
Here is a current list of the digital channels available with a QAM tuner from SMU (some are in HD)


QAM Ch. Station/Network FREE with Cable Package:
4.11 KTIV (NBC) Basic
4.12 Siouxland CW Basic
4.13 MeTV Basic
4.14 Court TV Basic
4.15 ion Basic
9.1 KCAU (ABC) Basic
9.2 Escape Basic
9.3 Laff Basic
9.4 Bounce Basic
14.11 Dabl Basic
14.12 Charge Basic
14.13 Comet Basic
14.14 Stadium Basic
20.3 Public Access Basic
20.4 The Spencer Channel 3 Basic
20.5 SMU Weather Basic
20.6 The Weather Channel Basic
20.7 Iowa PBS Kids Basic
20.8 CW Basic
21.1 Iowa PBS Basic
21.2 Iowa PBS Kids Basic
21.3 Iowa PBS Kids HD Basic
21.4 Iowa PBS Create Basic
44.1 KPTH (FOX) Basic
44.2 MyNet/TBD Basic
44.3 KPTH (CBS) Basic
77.1 Big Ten Basic Plus
77.2 CNN Basic Plus
77.4 Food Network Basic Plus
77.5 Discovery Basic Plus
77.6 Lifetime Basic Plus
77.7 HLN Basic Plus
77.8 Cartoon Network Basic Plus
78.1 Fox News Basic Plus
78.2 BTN Basic Plus
78.3 ESPN2 Basic Plus
78.4 TNT Basic Plus
78.5 TBS Basic Plus
78.6 USA Basic Plus
78.7 HGTV Basic Plus
78.8 ESPN Basic Plus


On some TV’s, the “.” may be substituted for a “-”

Most QAM tuner TV’s have a “channel search” or “auto program” function that will automatically scan the incoming signals and detect the ones that are available. It may be necessary to do a channel search before your TV will allow you to tune to that channel.

How Do I Know If My TV Has A QAM Tuner?

Check your TV’s owners manual, or talk to the store where you purchased it. Another hint: if your TV remote control has a (.) or (-) button on it, it probably means that the TV has a QAM tuner because you need to use the (.) or (-) to tune to the digital channels.