June 1-October 1

Spencer Municipal Utilities implemented an outdoor watering restriction plan on June 1, 2016 to help minimize discolored water due to construction on the water treatment facility.

“We would like to thank customers for their cooperation during our watering restriction. With customer cooperation and timeliness of precipitation, so far we have been doing OK treating and distributing water to meet customer needs with our facility,” says Amanda Gloyd, SMU marketing & community relations manager.

SMU has plenty of water available for domestic use as well as emergencies, which is not the reason for the watering restriction. The watering restriction is helping minimize discolored water due to the different treatment process during construction. The more water processed through our treatment facility during a 24-hour period during this time of construction will increase the discolored water some customers have been noticing. The goals of the watering restriction are to reduce overall usage, and maintain constant usage during a 24-hour period.

The reduction of water usage will be done with an odd/even system for outside watering. Odd-numbered addresses may water on odd-numbered days while even-numbered addresses may water on even-numbered days. The watering restriction only applies to lawn watering, and may be done after 10pm and before 4 am, when it is a day to water based on address.

“We anticipate this ending on October 1, however, if the warmer weather continues, and the amount of precipitation in our community decreases, we will have to implement a complete lawn watering ban for the community until conditions improve,” adds Gloyd.

Spencer Municipal Utilities is a leading provider of cable, internet, and telephone service in the Spencer community and has been providing water since 1886 and electric services since 1901.

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