Spencer Municipal Utilities (SMU) has been continuously monitoring and obtaining additional water samples during the construction project to help assure customers our water continues to be safe and within all regulatory standards despite the differences in color and smell being noticed due to construction.

“We are pleased to announce our water continues to meet all regulatory standards and is safe for drinking and consumer use,” says Tony Hall, SMU water manager.

All regulatory and additional sampling is processed through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and analyzed in IDNR and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified labs with results reported directly to the IDNR to assist with customer notification if immediate action is needed.

“We have been involved in the SMU construction project from the beginning planning stages and continue to assist in making sure the water being produced during this time of construction is meeting all regulatory standards and safe for consumer use,” says Julie Sievers, IDNR Environmental Specialist Senior.

SMU has been undergoing a major renovation of the water treatment facility since mid-September on a project that broke ground in the fall of 2014. This project is expected to increase SMU’s treatment capacity, improve the raw water source, reliability, safety and lime handling of the system when construction is complete in the spring of 2017.

SMU anticipated customers noticing some changes to the quality of the water in terms of hardness, color, taste, and smell, and have been continuing to let customers know that throughout the construction process, the water will still meet all regulatory standards, even though it isn’t the same quality customers have come to expect.

“Normally, results of our sampling is shared with customers on an annual basis in our Consumer Confidence Report, unless sample results indicate a health threat to the community, in that case, SMU would notify customers affected immediately,” adds Hall.

Some precautions SMU has been taking during this time to help improve the quality is additional flushing to help with the clarity in addition to non-routine sampling, in which we have been seeing good results.

Additional sampling recently conducted included: lead and copper which was also completed community-wide in 2015 with the results sent to IDNR, SMU, and the customers that assisted with collecting the sampling. For more information on the results tested annually as well as health information, see a copy of the latest consumer confidence report online at

“We want to assure customers we are continually testing and monitoring the changes in our water quality during this time of construction to make sure we are confident in telling our customers our water continues to be safe and within all regulatory standards,” adds Hall.

SMU has been gathering customer feedback by email at and modifying the process to minimize the changes in quality of water customers are noticing.

“We appreciate customer patience and support of your local municipal utility during this construction process,” adds Hall.

SMU is a leading provider of cable, internet, and telephone service in the Spencer community and has been providing water since 1886 and electric services since 1901.

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