Residential Rates

Local Service
(includes subscriber line charge)
Residential Local Service $15.00 ( 1st line and 3+ additional lines)
Residential 2nd Line (includes SLC)
Calling Features (price per feature per month)
Call Forwarding-Busy $1.00
Call Forwarding-No Answer $1.00
Caller ID Blocking
Auto Call Back/Auto Redial
Auto Redial/Last Call Return
Call Forwarding-All Calls $3.00
Do Not Disturb $3.00
Find Me/Follow Me $3.00
Long Distance Alert (where available)
Select Call Acceptance $3.00
Speed Dial-30 numbers $3.00
3-way Calling $3.00
SimRing (Simultaneous Ring) $3.00
SmartScreen $3.00
Voice Mail $3.00 (additional mailboxes $1.00 each)
Warm Line $3.00
Selective Call Rejection $4.00
Caller ID w/Name and Number $4.00
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting $4.00
Priority/Custom Ringing (12 numbers) $4.00
Toll Restriction $4.00
Caller ID w/ Call Waiting $6.00
Long Distance Price
Residential 12-cent Plan 12¢ per minute anytime, anywhere in the US, no monthly charges
Residential 10-cent Plan 10¢ per minute anytime, anywhere in the US, $3.00 monthly charge
International Long Distance Varies per country. For a complete list of international rates, click here.
Unlimited Domestic Plan $20.00 per month, includes unlimited residential calling features
Tiger Care Plan  $10.00, per month
Device Configuration at SMU (non SMU owned device)  $20.00, per visit
Device Configuration at SMU (SMU owned device)  $5.00, per visit
Service Calls (During normal business hours)  $45.00 per hour, plus tax
Service Calls (After hours, 2 hour minimum charge)  $60.00 per hour, plus tax
Install Fee (Some services may require a deposit and installation/activation fee)  $45.00 per hour, plus tax

Residential Telephone rates as of February 1, 2013
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If you, a SMU customer, feel that you have processed a payment in error, please contact our customer service at 712-580-5800 or email us to request a refund.