2015 Baseball Coverage

04/01/2015 1:50 PM

With the traditional Opening Day for Major League Baseball (MLB) coming up on April 5th, we want to let baseball fans know what to expect for coverage this season.

While there were many discussions on whether the 2015 season will have blackouts under MLB rules or if they will come to an end, there are a few channels with baseball coverage for SMU customers that we know about.

Minnesota Twins coverage will continue on FOX Sports North due to a programming contract between SMU and FOX Sports North. FOX Sports North will serve as the exclusive local television home for the Minnesota Twins with 150 regular season games. FOX Sports North is on channel 37 and in HD on channel 237 in the SMU cable lineup.

MLB Network is also available to follow the baseball season on channel 139 in SD and channel 339 in HD in the SMU cable lineup.

To see a schedule of what games will be on for SMU cable, customers can use the guide available with a box from Spencer Municipal Utilities.

As in years past, Iowa falls in a blackout zone as a result of MLB rules that the following teams will be blacked out: Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals.

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