SMU Brings Olympic Coverage Everywhere

07/19/2012 1:30 PM

32 Sports, All 302 Events, All LIVE

With the Summer 2012 Olympics taking place in London, Spencer Municipal Utilities customers will not only have the opportunity to see Olympic coverage on TV, cable customers with a digital box (SD, HD, DVR, Cable Card) will also be able to get FREE coverage online! This means you can watch the Olympics on your desktop, laptop, or tablet-anywhere you are during the Olympics, so you’ll be sure to catch all the LIVE action! 

To get started, you’ll go to and click on the ‘CLICK HERE AND GET READY’ button, and select #3 to Start Watching. From there you’ll see the screen below and select ‘Spencer Municipal Utilities’ as the operator name in the drop down.

Next you’ll see the login screen where you’ll need a login and password.

Your login for the first time will be the Video ID number on your communications statement from SMU. Here is a picture showing where you’ll find that seven (7) digit number:

You’ll also need a password, and to log in for the first time you’ll use the last four (4) digits of the Video ID number on the statement. Once you are logged into the site you’ll be asked to register using an email address and create your own password. After you receive an email from Spencer Municipal Utilities telling you to activate your account, you’ll do so with the link provided. Once the account is set up, you should be able to login on any device using the email address and password you set up. This will provide you with live streams and full event replays of the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Spencer Municipal Utilities is working on more options for TV Everywhere programming in the future.

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