Energy Efficiency

Save Energy and $$$ With SMU
Spencer Municipal Utilities encourages customers to save energy by looking for efficient products, and to make it easy to choose to be more energy efficient-SMU offers rebates for saving energy!

Rebate Forms (these must be turned in to SMU within 90 days of invoice or project completion)
*All rebates must have a copy of the receipt of purchase

2017 Residential Rebate Form, click here
2017 Commercial Rebate Form, click here
2017 SMU Resource Conservation Incentive Program

The SMU Resource Conservation Incentive Program provides financial incentives to encourage customers to make improvements to their homes or businesses that save energy.

2017 Resource Conservation Brochure, click here

Complete 2017 Resource Conservation Program, click here

InsulationOne of the most cost-effective ways to save energy in your home or business is to install additional insulation. Customers who heat with electricity (resistance or heat pump) are eligible to apply for insulation rebates. An SMU representative must inspect the insulation before and after the work is done to be eligible.

For the purpose of insulation rebates, cost includes materials, contract labor, and/or equipment incurred for the insulation project. Spray foam insulation installed during new home or commercial building construction is eligible for rebates.

A customer may receive a rebate on more than one type of insulation upgrade at the same address. However, the total rebate may not exceed $2,500 for residential properties during the calendar year. A non-residential property may not receive more than $7,500 or $.50 per square foot of the area improved, whichever is greater, during the calendar year. For multi-family residential properties, the limit is waived but property owner should consult with SMU before starting the insulation project.

Attic/Ceiling Increase to R-49+ 70% of cost up to $1000.00
Exterior Wall (includes floor and foundation)
Increase to R-13+
For multi-family residential properties, the maximum rebate is $750.00 per housing unit
Insulation (Commercial)
Attic/Ceiling Increase to R-49+ 70% of cost up to $7500.00
Exterior Wall Increase to R-13+

Heating and Cooling
Air ConditionerReplacing your old heating and cooling system can save a lot of money on energy bills, while at the same time increasing your comfort! By switching to a super-efficient heat pump system, you could cut your annual heating and cooling bills by 50% or more, so SMU offers attractive incentives to help offset the additional cost of these systems. Remember: the best time to replace your heating and cooling system is BEFORE it fails! So rather than take the risk of having a system failure when you need it the most, why not make the switch on your schedule and start saving money right away!

Efficiency requirements listed below are based on the ENERGY STAR® minimums as of 1/1/17. As an ENERGY STAR® partner utility, SMU may revise these minimums as they are revised by ENERGY STAR®. In order to qualify for a rebate, the equipment must be AHRI listed and the AHRI certificate must be included with the rebate application.

For both air conditioners and heat pumps, SMU will pre-authorize the rebate to help the customer and the contractor with planning. Please contact SMU for information on pre-authorization.

Residential or Small Commercial Central Air Conditioner
Powered by single-phase current; <65,000 BTU SEER = 14.5 to 15.9 $150.00 per ton
SEER = 16.0+ $200.00 per ton
Ductless mini-split heat pump  $200.00 per ton 
Large Commercial Central Air Conditioner (powered by 3-phase current)
<65,000 BTU Single package >14 SEER; 11 EER $150.00 per ton
Split system >14 SEER; 12 EER $150.00 per ton
65,000 BTU to 240,000 BTU With electric heat (or none) >11.7 EER; 11.8 IEER $150.00 per ton
With other heat >11.5 EER; 11.6 IEER $150.00 per ton
Residential or Small Commercial Air-Source Heat Pump
Powered by single-phase current; rated below 65,000 BTU SEER = 14.5 to 15.9 $400.00 per ton
SEER = 16.0+ $500.00 per ton
Large Commercial Air Source Heat Pump (powered by 3-phase current)
<65,000 BTU Single package >14 SEER; 11 EER; 8.0 HSPF $300.00 per ton
Split system >14 SEER; 11 EER; 8.2 HSPF $300.00 per ton
65,000 BTU to 135,000 BTU >11.3 EER; 11.4 IEER; 3.35 COP* $300.00 per ton
135,001 BTU to 250,000 BTU >10.9 EER; 11.0 IEER; 3.25 COP* $300.00 per ton
*COP rated at 47° F
Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pump (residential or commercial, closed loop only)
Water-To-Air >16.1 EER & 3.5 COP $1,000.00 per ton
Replacement Equipment $500.00 per ton
Water-To-Water >15.1 EER & 3.0 COP $1,000.00 per ton
Replacement Equipment $500.00 per ton
Multi-Stage Compressor for Heat Pump
Additional rebate for use of a multi-stage compressor $100.00 per ton
Electric Heat 
Permanently wired installation-only when installed with heat pump >1,000 watts (1 kW) $25.00 per kW
ECM Motor 
For new or existing furnace; gas, electric resistance, or heat pump $50.00
When installed with a heat pump $150.00
Programmable (set-back) Thermostat
Self-Installed $25.00
With professional installation $50.00
Central AC or Heat Pump Annual Checkup
Central AC or Heat Pump Annual Checkup $25.00

Water Heating
Water HeaterTwo new water heating technologies can save you over 50% on your annual water heating bills! A heat pump water heater extracts heat from the surrounding air in your basement or utility room and uses it to heat water in an insulated tank. A solar water heater collects the sun's rays to heat water and store it in an insulated tank. Both types of water heater are fairly expensive, but with SMU's incentive and annual savings of up to $200, you'll pay for the improvement in just a few years!

Heat Pump or Solar Water Heater

SMU customers-especially commercial and industrial customers-can see huge savings by replacing their old, inefficient lighting systems with highly efficient fluorescent or LED lighting. And SMU's incentives makes it even easier to make that investment!

T12 retrofit
Replacing existing T-12 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballast and T8/T5 fluorescent lamps; or LED linear tubes by direct wire or retrofit kits.
  Per Bulb
HID Retrofit or Substitution
Retrofit:  replace existing HID (metal halide or high pressure sodium) with T8, Super T8, T8 VHO, T5 HO or LED linear tubes by direct wire or retrofit kits. Substitution (new construction): using T8, Super T8, T8 VHO, T5 HO or LED linear tubes instead of HID. Types of HID include: MV, HPS, MH. (Note: Fixtures with integrated LED's will be included in LED lighting section based on fixture wattage.)
  3 or 4 lamps $75.00
  5+ lamps $80.00
LED Fixtures
  Less than or equal to 30 watts $30.00
31 to 99 watts $50.00
100 watts or larger $100.00
LED Bulbs (Energy Star rated)
LED bulbs that aren't purchased at a BeBright retail location are eligible for rebate under this program. For more information on BeBright and a list of retailers, click here.
LED trim/retrofit kits are rebated as a bulb
Occupancy Sensors  $50.00
Exit Lamps LED conversion or new $30.00

NEMA Premium Electric Motors
Business and industrial customers can achieve big energy savings by upgrading to the lasts, most efficient electric motors in their operations. Complete NEMA PremiumT efficiency information is available online at the following website:

Motor Size (HP) SMU Rebate   Motor Size (HP) SMU Rebate   Motor Size (HP) SMU Rebate   Motor Size (HP) SMU Rebate
1 $30.00   7.5 $150.00   30 $400.00   100 $1,000.00
1.5 $40.00   10 $200.00   40 $450.00   125 $1,200.00
2 $45.00   15 $250.00   50 $500.00   150 $1,300.00
3 $75.00   20 $300.00   60 $600.00   200 + $1,500.00
5 $100.00   25 $350.00   75 $800.00      

General Program Rules and Information
  1. The effective date is January 1, 2017. Programs may be changed or cancelled by SMU without notice. Customers should check with the SMU office for information on programs.
  2. Energy efficiency incentives are only available for properties that are within the SMU electric service territory.
  3. SMU reserves the right to verify installation and invoices prior to rebate being paid.
  4. SMU reserves the right to meter devices for which a rebate is paid to aid in determination of actual energy savings. Such metering will be at SMU's expense.
  5. Rebates will not exceed 50% of equipment costs minus any manufacturers or dealer rebates.Insulation subject to limits listed in insulation section.
  6. Rebates will be issued to the party that paid for the improvement. If the rebate is for improvements at an owner-occupied residential or commercial property, the rebate will be paid as a credit to the utility account at that location. If that party does not occupy the residence or commercial property where the device was installed, the rebate will be applied as a credit to another utility account in that party's name, or will be given in the form of a check. Payment will be made upon approval of completed application, sales ticket, and SMU verification.
  7. Improvements made to rental properties will be considered residential rebates, but will be subject to the annual commercial rebate limits.
  8. For rebates in excess of $1,000, the applicant may request a check rather than credit. In order to receive rebates for improvements under the 2017 program, the improvements must be paid for and/or installed during 2017. Rebates must be submitted within 90 days of invoice date or project completion.
  9. Customers are responsible to insure that all equipment and/or improvements are installed in accordance with all codes, standards, and regulatory requirements.
  10. Rebates will be approved on new improvements only. No rebates will be approved for used items.
  11. SMU does not guarantee reduced usage, demand, or cost savings. SMU makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with the respect to any improvements made. In no event shall SMU be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. SMU does not endorse any manufacturer or product in this program.
  12. Completed applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis, until available funds are committed.
  13. Any income tax or other taxes which may be payable as a result of a rebate being paid (or applied to the utility account) are the responsibility of the customer.
  14. The decision of Spencer Municipal Utilities regarding any disputes which arise in the rebate program is final.
  15. Customers who receive the rebate will agree on the application to allow SMU to install and operate demand response devices if the use of such devices is deemed necessary by the SMU Board of Trustees.
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If you, a SMU customer, feel that you have processed a payment in error, please contact our customer service at 712-580-5800 or email us to request a refund.